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Top 5 Ways To Pamper Your Pup

Calling all dads! Your day is almost here...

Father's Day is fast approaching and it's not just for humans – it's for pets too! And when you have a dog – or any pet for that matter – we relish every opportunity to show them that extra bit of love.

And if you're looking to pamper your pup this coming Father's Day (Sunday, June 17!) then why not make it a day to remember!

There are lots of ways you can treat your dog too.

Looking for inspiration? Read on!

Pamper your dog

1) A snooze to remember

Dogs love to sleep and what better to treat them than with a luxury dog bed?

After all, you can never have enough beds dotted around the house. And having more will help save your furniture from getting covered in loose fur – well, there's always hope!

We have a range of beautiful dog beds in a variety of sizes. Cushions, igloos and beds for the car too.

And if it's a little chilly, why not get them all tucked up with a blanket too?

Perfect for setting them up for a great night's sleep.

gorgeous small black and tan brussels griffon dog on her grey fold out sofa bed

2) Make homemade treats

New treats to try will always give your dog a real boost!

And plus, you can have fun making them too. There are lots of doggie-safe recipes online and you can make anything from doggie cakes, ice lollies – and even pancakes! Perfect for any occasion, top them with anything from cooked chicken to some sliced strawberries!

stunning golden retriever dog with a gravy bone treat resting on his nose

3) A trip to the doggie spa

Doggie spas can range from anything such as a doggie hotel, to a day at the dog groomers! However your dog likes to enjoy himself, take him out for a day of grooming where he'll get washed, clipped, brushed and preened.

And to top it all off, you can even finish the day with a brand new lead and collar.

beautiful fluffy chow chow dog with white sunglasses on

4) Doggie sports day

With summer lapping at our toes, there are so many days out in the sunshine just waiting to be had. Make the most of the lovely weather by planning some activities in the garden!

A sports day can be shared by just you and your dog and you can set out lots of fun things to do.

A paddling pool is a must as they'll love splashing around and cooling off. You can hold races, get them jumping over things – and if your dog is feeling up to it – how about setting out an agility course?

Even if they're not quite doing the slalom, a tunnel is always a fun way to spend an hour playing hide and seek.

Hot day? Remember to make sure there's plenty of water on stand by as well as somewhere shady for your dog to relax when they've run out of energy!

french bulldog playing in a dog tunnel outside in the sun

5) Pupflix and chill

Our dogs love it when we give them attention. So spending the day with them is something that they will absolutely treasure and love – and something you'll love to do too.

Plan in a day of walkies and cuddles, and when the evening arrives, settle in with a night of Pupflix and chill. You could wear matching onesies and then snuggle up under a blanket while you relax and watch a movie.

Make it a special occasion with your dog's favourite treats and you're onto a winner!

And there you have it! Our top 5 ways to pamper your pooch – whether it's Father's Day, their birthday – or just any day when you want to give them an extra dose of love and attention.

beautiful white fluffy puppy cuddling with a woman in the bed

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