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Top Five Essentials For A Muddy Walk In The Rain

It’s wet, muddy and it's officially pouring – just as you and your dog are about to head out.

Your heart sinks.

Your dog however, couldn’t be happier. After all, what could be better than playtime in the mud?

Dipping their paws in the puddles, playing fetch in the rain and rolling around the mud.

Times like these are inevitable – especially when you live in the UK! As we move into autumn, the rainy days happen almost every day, so making sure you’re prepared for the worst is essential.

So, no matter how many walks a day your dog needs, always make sure you have these essentials with you. Not only will they help you keep your dog dry, but they’ll also help to prevent muddy pawprints from finding their way into your car – and into your home!

Muddy day essentials

1) A selection of dry, clean doggy towels

When it’s wet and muddy outside, there’s no doubt that you will need a large selection of dry doggy towels. We’re not talking your fluffiest, white Egyptian cotton towels. Just some large, old towels that don’t mind being put through their paces, to keep up with the daily mud-fest.

Keep them in the car or near the back door, so they’re in easy reach before your dog even thinks about stepping paw into your car or home.

You’ll also want a couple of baskets to separate out clean and dirty towels. These are also great for housing muddy toys once you’re ready to head home again.

Worried about the washing machine? Our laundry bags help you keep on top of your pet wash loads without clogging up your machine with mud or loose fluff.

boxer dog sitting in front of a washing machine waiting for toys to be washed in Laundry Bag

2) Protect your car seats!

If heading out for a long walk often means jumping into the car first, then you’ll want to make sure your dog’s muddy paws stay off your car seats!

Once you’ve gotten rid of the excess mud with a towel, protect your car and keep it mud and mark free with a rear car seat protector.

Even if your dog is quite small, these are great for ensuring dirt and muddy rainwater don’t find their way all over your seats. And your dog can even have a guilt-free lie down after their walk to relax.

Our protectors are durable, water resistant and they wipe clean easily.

me and my pets car door protectors

3) Keep your dog safe and secure in the car

Doggy seat belt harnesses are not only vital for keeping your dog safe while in the car with you, but they can also help you to control your dog while they’re a walking mud bomb!

They can be slotted through your rear car seat protectors. And they’ll make sure your dog stays still while you prepare the house for their arrival!

dilbert the corgi in the car with his anti shock harness on

4) Set up a washing station

In an ideal world, we’d all have a walk-in shower right near the door, just for our dogs. That way, they could be thoroughly washed and dried before being let loose among the cream coloured scatter cushions...

However, most of us don’t have this luxury. But that doesn’t mean you can’t work around it. Having a station set up with all the essentials will really help you manage how much dirt is coming into the house.

Keep all your doggy washing essentials together – things like brushes, shampoo, clean towels and any extras you have such as pet safe de-tangling spray. If you wash your dog outside, be mindful of things like temperatures. A cold hosepipe spray might be fun in summer, but this will be too cold for winter time. Instead, make sure you have some buckets on standby so that you can fill them with warmer water before washing your dog.

5) Protect your sofa

When the day’s all done and it’s time to relax, don’t let slightly damp dog fur stop you from snuggling up on the sofa together.

Dog beds with sofa protectors are ideal for keeping loose fluffy off your sofa cushions, while still letting your dog enjoy his prime position in front of the TV.

Lay across some pet blankets to keep them tucked up in winter time. And don’t forget of course, their favourite toy.

me and my pets grey check blanket on a beige sofa

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