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The Day We Met Dilbert The Corgi!

Hearts were melting left, right and centre today in the Me & My Pets office when Dilbert the corgi stopped by to say hello!

Excited, curious and a bundle of cuteness, we can officially say he was an absolute delight to work with.

So far, we’ve learnt the following things about two-year-old Dilbert A.K.A. Mr Fluffy Butt:

• He’s super fluffy

• He’s unabashedly cute

• He likes to wiggle

• A tail wag in the face packs quite a punch!

A Cardigan Welsh Corgi, he’s loyal, loving and thrives on cuddles – along with the odd chicken twist thrown in!

Throughout the day, Dilbert was trying out our dog beds, pet stairs, collars, leads and snuggly blankets. Good as gold, he was soon in charge after charming the socks off the entire team. We spent the morning settling in and although he wasn’t going to join us for a pre-shoot coffee, he was happy exploring, snuffling and burying his face into our plush beds.

After the initial excitement had died down, it wasn’t long before Dilbert settled in with our photographer Tom, who was equally as smitten.

“Paw”, “sit” and “stay” all worked beautifully, and Dilbert did so well to stay so calm while everyone worked and fussed around him. So many distractions and not once was he fazed! #PRO.

We took regular breaks for water as well as some quiet time if it all got a bit much.

Dilbert’s favourite thing to do is play with his toy fishing rod. His owner Sian admits the fish got chewed off long ago. But every morning without fail, Dilbert is up and present for playtime – sometimes even at 5am (poor Sian!).

Back at our desks, we worked away happily while Dilbert was finishing up and waddling around so joyfully - avoiding the temptation to dive in for cuddles!

Lots of love and a massive thank you to the lovely Sian for bringing him in and putting up with our endless Dilbert-doting.

We hope you come again soon!

Find Dilbert on Instagram @Dilbertthecorgi and Facebook @Dilbertthecorgi.

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