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Sleeping Puppies

There's almost nothing the sight of a puppy won't cure. Their little silky heads, fluffy ears, soft little paws and ruffled up tummies. But being so cute and lovable all the time is pretty tiring work.

All that playing, running around and tail wagging takes up a lot of energy.

So it's no surprise when they finally give up on fetch and find somewhere to curl up to sleep.

And because they're just so adorable to look at, the Me & My Pets team couldn’t resist putting together a little collection of some of our sweetest sleeping puppy photos for all to enjoy:




(Lots of love and many thank yous to @pop_sausage, @louisminidachshund, @dougie_and_daisy_dachshund, @ash_does_oz, @chipolatathedappledachshund, @cecil_the_sausage_dog and @bennythebichonfrise for sending us these gorgeous photos!)

The sleepiest puppy breeds

If you love a sleeping puppy as much as we do but have yet to get your first dog, don’t worry. We've put together a list of some of the sleepiest dog breeds to help ensure you hours of snoozing with your furry best friend. And if you're looking to stop your pup from kipping on the sofa, or simply want to find somewhere lovely and soft for them to snooze, check out our range of snuggly dog beds to help them drift off into dreamland in an instant!

1. The French bulldog

If there's ever going to be a dog who loves to lie down while pulling sad, cuddle-me eyes, it's the French bulldog. Beautiful, tiny and full of love.

2. Greyhounds

Being sleepy isn't necessarily the first thing that comes to mind when you think of a greyhound. But racing around takes up lots of energy, so they need to spend as much time as possible conserving it all. This makes greyhounds very energy conscious so they will spend a lot of time curled up around your feet.

3. Chow Chows

Like big, fluffy teddy bears, chow chows are simply adorable. And just like teddy bears, they spend a lot of time lying down, resting. Big rescue and mountain dogs need a lot of energy to move around so it's no surprise that chow chows need so much shut eye.

4. Shih Tzus

Although not so sleepy as such, shih tzus are pretty laid back dogs. And like chihuahuas and Maltese dogs, they love to come in for cuddles and spend time with their owner.

5. Dachshunds

Here in the Me & My Pets office, we simply love dachshunds. They're soft and silky, super sweet, and they have little sausage-like bodies – what's not to love? And as if these dogs couldn't get any cuter, they love to snooze. And having on stretched out on your lap with their paws in the air is quite frankly, the definition of happiness.

6. Pugs

As excitable as they are when they're awake, pugs love a snooze. And even when they're not asleep, cuddling up somewhere soft and warm is also pretty essential to a pug's daily to-do list. After all, having such little legs, getting around is pretty tiring work so taking regular naps is vital.

7. Great Danes

Most people wouldn't expect these gentle giants to be as sleepy and as restful as they are but Great Danes love to relax. After all, being such large dogs, running round takes up a lot of energy so mid-morning snoozes, afternoon sleeps and night time naps are a must!

Of course all dogs need to take a break now and again and there's nothing more lovely when they come to find you so they can cuddle up and settle down. Send us your pics! We would love to see your sleepy puppy pics.

Just head over to our Instagram or Facebook accounts @meandmypetsofficial.

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