Our Charities of the Year 2017/18

It’s been exciting and a bit emotional here Me & My Pets HQ recently. We had over 500 responses to our search for a charity of the year. More than 50 charities were nominated, and we were quite overwhelmed by the heartfelt passions that were expressed alongside your nominations. We don’t mind saying that a few tears were shed when researching the nominations!

We deliberated for nearly a week, but in the end we decided that just choosing one from such an amazing list was impossible. So eventually we chose CatChums and The Senior Staffy Club as our charities of the year. Congratulations to those selected and thank you so much to everyone who took part. 

Check out our social media and blog for future updates on how we’ll be supporting these two incredible charities.

In the meantime, we’ve selected some of our favourite comments from fans so you can see why we chose these two organisations. Stay tuned for more updates soon!


The Senior Staffy Club

 “They rehome older Staffies and staffy crosses whose owners can no longer look after them or just don’t want them because they are old. They do a wonderful job of looking after these dogs until they find them a forever home.” – Elizabeth Gibson

“Being old and a staffy, well, it doesn’t get more difficult to re-home an unwanted dog. They do a wonderful job on their behalf.” – Vikki Galloway Dawson

“So many Staffies in rescue and these guys take the older ones that no one else wants the responsibility for rehoming giving them fabulous and loved older years ????” – Laura Morris

“These are dogs that often get discarded or overlooked purely on their age. SSC go to great lengths nationwide to rescue them, give them vet treatment if needed, accommodate them, feed them, work on behaviour issues and ultimately rehome them to live out their senior years as they deserve: loved and cherished. SSC do a fantastic job with a much misunderstood breed who get overlooked at other rescues just for being Staffys.” – Matt Schmidt


“They rehome so many cats and give each and every single one incredible care whilst staying with them. They ladies who run the charity are all incredible people.” – Rhiannon Edwards

“Nominating CatChums for all the work they do to rescue so very many cats in trouble and down on their luck, looking after them each beautifully and giving them all such individual care.” – Vera Cooke

“The lady in charge is an amazing individual who dedicates her time to taking in abandoned cats and kittens and rescue ones.” – Laura Stock

“An AMAZING small local charity managed by a handful of passionate people. For such a small charity, they successfully rehome so many cats and kittens.” – Colleen Hubbard

“A small charity with three trustees run entirely by volunteers. They take on cases of abuse, injury and abandonment, and work tirelessly caring for and hand-rearing many kittens too” – Trish Bacon