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How To Wash A Dog Bed

For most fabric cleaning, you can’t go wrong with warm soapy water. But how often should you clean a bed? And what about a bed which has got stains or stuck on hair? What if – heaven forbid – your dog rolls in some delightful fox poo and then goes for a nap! Dog beds need to be kept clean, so we’ve put together this guide which takes you through the different types of beds with our preferred cleaning methods.

Wicker baskets

These are some of the easiest beds to keep clean, as the sides can be simply wiped down. We don’t recommend using harsh chemicals or strong anti-bacterial wipes. These can be harmful and may even put your dog off using its bed if they leave a lingering smell. Our favourite way to clean a wicker bed is to mix a small squirt of washing up liquid with warm water, and wipe down the bed using a sponge.

If you choose a bed with a removable cushion, then you can simply pop it in the sink or bath and gently handwash it. We like to add a little drip of non-biological washing liquid to the water. This helps to remove any stubborn stains or odours.

Me & My Pets Pro Tip: If your dog bed loses its shape, pop it into some warm water and then reshape it while it’s still wet. Once the filling is evenly spread out, leave it somewhere flat but with good airflow to dry out. We pop ours on a flat airer over the bath!

Regular soft beds

When choosing a soft bed, make sure that you’re buying one which is fully washable. Dog beds need washing regularly so you don’t want to end up throwing a non-washable one away after a few months!

This soft grey checked bed is fully washable and comes up a treat when scrubbed with warm soapy water.

Me & My Pets Pro Tip: It may seem unconventional, but Milton Sterilising Fluid can be one of the safest ways to remove any stubborn or smelly stains from a soft dog bed.

Raised beds

If you have a dog with a lingering odour problem, this is the type of bed for you. This Me & My Pets raised dog bed uses anti-mildew and anti-mould canvas fabric stretched over a strong steel frame. It’s super easy to clean – just dilute some washing up liquid in water and use it to wipe down!

Me & My Pets Pro Tip: These beds are perfect for summer, but they’re also great for winter too, as they keep your dog raised up off the cold floor. Team it with a cosy, machine-washable fleece blanket for some extra comfort on cold days.


Probably the simplest type of dog bed to clean is the mat. Why? Because this super soft long pile mat can be popped into the washing machine and washed on a 30 degree cycle! Try to avoid using the spin cycle though – especially if your machine is very fast! Instead hang it out to dry on the washing line. If you dry it indoors then be aware that these beds can drip if very wet.

Me & My Pets Pro Tip: A washable mat can also be used as a sofa protector, so your dog can enjoy sitting next to you on the sofa without putting muddy paws and hair on the cushion!

Disclaimer: This content in this article is intended for information or entertainment purposes only, it is not intended to replace the advice of a vet or animal health professional. Your use of the information is entirely at your own risk and Me & My Pets assumes no responsibility for the use or misuse of the information found on this site. If you have any questions or concerns over your pet's wellbeing you should consult your vet immediately.  

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