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Charities and fundraising

Fantastic Fundraising Ideas

Earlier this month we announced our two charities of the year: CatChums and The Senior Staffy Club who both do incredible work protecting, rescuing and caring.

Like all charities, these fantastic causes are funded by the heartfelt donations made by people looking for a chance to care as well as support the professionals who devote their time to giving these animals a second chance at a happy life.

Find out more about these charities and the wonderful work that they do here:


Senior Staffy Club:

Get involved

Not only is fundraising vital in allowing these charities to carry out their life-saving work, but it is also a really creative and sociable way of getting families, friends, work colleagues and communities together to do something fun while they raise money for charity. And the great thing about it is you don’t need to wait for a special day or time of the year to do it!

Fundraising events are really enjoyable to put together and exceptionally rewarding when you see just how much money people can raise when they put their minds to it.

Here are a few ideas of what you can do to raise money to get you started:

No mean treat

A cup of tea and a thick slice of cake will always go down well at work – but what about adding boxes of dog biscuits and treats into the mix? Either buy dog treats or you can make your own (there are lots of easy recipes online) and hold a bake sale! People can then pick up a bag of dog treats alongside their cupcakes and all the proceeds go to charity – just make sure you don’t get the bags mixed up…

Paw patrol

Exercise helps to keep both us and our pets happy and healthy. So why not raise money for one of our fantastic chosen charities at the same time? Organise a sponsored dog walk where people buy tickets to join in and enjoy the day! Set up a Facebook page with group info and links to the charity page and even a Just Giving fundraising page. Take pictures from the day and post afterwards for people to see. Make it a regular event with different themes throughout the year.

Take the lead!

If you’ve never been to a dance-a-thon, you’re missing out. These energetic events are great fun and perfect for getting your wiggle on. Organise a DJ and a place to dance and then keep going for as long as you like! Sell homemade treats and soft drinks on the side to raise even more money!

Pet sit!

We all love our pets but looking after them is a fulltime job. Offer pet owners a night off by taking care of their furry friends and pet sitting while they go out and spend a few hours out the house. Owners get to relax and switch off, the pets get lots of fuss and attention and the pet sitters get to cuddle up and look after a variety of cute and fluffy family members – it’s win, win win!

Get quizzical

Why not hold a quiz night with pet-themed rounds? Quizzes are great for getting together and really bring out the competitive streak that lies in all of us. Find a dog-friendly pub and make a night of it with tasty food and pet-themed prizes for the winning team.

Cheesy does it

Wine and cheese is a classic combo and holding an event that involves both is a sure winner. Invite groups, friends and communities along to the ticketed event, meet and greet, enjoy some great wine and cheese and have stations with information about the charities and places to donate dotted around the venue.

Pamper those pets!

Wash, brush and pamper those pets – all in the name of charity! Set up a grooming station – perhaps a doggie bath or somewhere to comb cats and invite people to bring along their pets for a true, five-star experience.

Picture purrrrrfect

Every pet owner loves photos of their beloved animals so why not set up a photo station? Pet owners bring along their animals and donate to have a professional photo taken of them. The 12 favourites could then go towards a pet calendar which could be sold for even more fundraising opportunities!

You SHALL go to the Fur Ball!

Dogs in fancy dress

Fur Balls are not only a chance for getting dolled up in your finest but for dressing up your pet too! Find a fancy, pet-friendly outfit for your cat or dog and take them along for a night of cuddles and socialising.

Raffles – a fundraising classic

Raffles are great for fundraising and a guaranteed hit with everyone. Hold an event like afternoon tea or a cake sale and set up a table of raffle prizes so that people can enter the draw. Make the prizes pet themed so anything from leads, to beds, bowls, toys or even t-shirts!

Get creative and start raising some money!

So what are you waiting for? Decide on a theme, whip up some social media pages and share, share SHARE!

For more details on fundraising for CatChums or Senior Staffy Club, visit:


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