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Dog Friendly Easter Treats

Easter is a lovely time of year. Spring has sprung, the family gets together and there's chocolate everywhere. Great news for us – but what about our dogs?

As much as it's a great time for your dog to enjoy lots of walks and great company, there's lots more chocolate around the house too which isn't great news for your pup.

Is chocolate bad for dogs?

Yes. Chocolate is poisonous to dogs and if enough is consumed by your pup, it can potentially kill them.

Chocolate contains something called theobromine which we can easily digest, but dogs can't. And because they can't metabolise it, the more they eat, the more it builds up in their system until it reaches toxic levels.

Even a small amount can give your dog an upset stomach, vomiting or diarrhea.

With this in mind, it's really important to keep all chocolate out of reach so your dog doesn't mistake it for their dinner. Even if it's wrapped up – make sure your dog can't get to it. As we know, where there's a will, there's a way and even though chocolate is bad for them, that doesn't stop most dogs from wanting to tuck in.

Be aware and be safe.

Easter treats for dogs

Just because chocolate is bad for dogs, doesn't mean they can't join in with the Easter fun. Just like many of us might substitute eggs for cake, a roast dinner or even a cheeseboard, dogs can still have treats that are safe for them to enjoy. And if you want to make sure your furry companion isn't left out this Easter, why not give them something else instead?

Read our list below of dog-friendly Easter treats to help inspire you this bank holiday:

1) Make a dog-friendly Easter egg

Even though chocolate is toxic for dogs, there's nothing from stopping you from making a dog-friendly Easter egg! There is indeed such a thing as dog-friendly chocolate (source from a trusted pet store) which you can melt down and use with an Easter egg mould. This is of course a treat but in small amounts, will give your dog something lovely and chocolatey to nibble on over the course of the holidays, that is also safe to eat!

2) Get out and about


With an extra couple of days off and a bit of good weather behind you, your dog will love getting out and about. Take them for long walks in the countryside, explore the woods, go along the beach or why not even book a few days away? And if you're heading out in the car with your dog, make sure they stay safe and secure with a dog car clip or harness.

3) Bake a dog-friendly cake

Treats are great for special occasions and it's always nice to pamper your pet. So this Easter, why not bake your pup a dog-friendly cake? They're simple to make and it's perfect for when everyone's together having fun. (Click on the link for the recipe.)

4) Pamper your pooch

What better way to round off a long walk in the countryside than a relaxing spa day with your dog? A growing trend, there are lots of places you can take your dog for treatments and grooming. Mud treatments, massages and pedicures, there's not much that you can't get for your dog that you wouldn't get yourself! If a spa seems like too much, how about a trip to the dog-groomers? Your dog will love the attention along with getting washed, brushed, clipped and preened.

5) Doggie treat hunt

Planning an Easter egg hunt? Why not organise one for your dog? Hide treats and toys around the garden and watch your dog having fun exploring and discovering various surprises that you've hidden away! Dogs can eat hardboiled eggs too so if you're keen to stick to an Easter theme, you can use these instead. Just make sure your dog doesn't eat too many treats or eggs at once and keep them on a lead to make sure they don't eat anything they shouldn't.

Planning an Easter-themed treat for your dog? Send us a pic on Instagram or Facebook @meandmypetsofficial.

Disclaimer: This content in this article is intended for information or entertainment purposes only, it is not intended to replace the advice of a vet or animal health professional. Your use of the information is entirely at your own risk and Me & My Pets assumes no responsibility for the use or misuse of the information found on this site. If you have any questions or concerns over your pet's wellbeing you should consult your vet immediately.  

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