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Best Type Of Dog Leads

Dog with lead waiting for a walk

There are lots of different types of dog leads available so knowing which is the best one for you and your dog can be tricky to decide.

Getting to know your dog is the most important part of choosing a lead as when you know your pooch’s personality, you’ll have a better idea as to how you want to control them.

What are the different types of dog leads?

Dogs with dog splitter lead

The different types of dog leads allow for different methods of control. Some are great for training purposes, some are great for big strong dogs and others for little ones.

You might also want to consider the route that you take when heading out for walks and how close you want your dog – a busy road or interference from the neighbour’s cat might invite you to look at retractable leads or close control leads, for example.

Anti-shock leads will help reduce the impact of excited dogs on your wrists, whereas a chain lead is extremely durable.

Perhaps you have several dogs and want to keep them on one lead or even tie the lead round your waist?

The options are endless!

If you’re looking to buy a lead and want to make sure you get the right one for you and your dog, read our guide below to find out everything you need to know.

Training/Close control Dog Leads

All dogs need some form of training to ensure they lead happy and fulfilling lives with you at home. And while they’re still learning, you’ll be keen to keep them on track as to what is acceptable and what is not acceptable behaviour – especially when out and about.

Training leads are close control leads so your dog won’t have much of a chance to run off and get distracted. If your dog starts to veer off, a gentle tug and you’ll have them back on track in no time.

Also great if your dog doesn’t get on well with other dogs.

Rope Dog Leads

Rope dog leads can be easily slipped on and off and provide a good, strong level of control over your dog. They come in a range of colours and you can get splitters too – perfect if you have more than one dog.

Rope leads are easy to clean and are great for small to medium sized dogs.


Retractable dog leads

If your walk varies then a retractable dog lead might be the best option for you. A nice comfortable and strong grip, you can decide exactly how much room your dog can have when out and about. Close to the road? Keep your dog close and under control. Out in the field? Let your dog explore, sniff and chase butterflies to its heart content.

High visibility retractable leads are also great for helping your dog be seen at night – ideal for late night walks and winter outings.

Leather dog leads

Leather dog leads look lovely and are perfect for dogs that are well-behaved and less likely to pull. Check out this leather/nylon 2 way dog lead – the strong, anti-tangle swivel eye hook is great for making sure your dogs don’t get muddled up when out and about.

Multi Dog Leads

If you have more than one dog, having a multi-dog lead could be just the ticket. Avoid getting tangled up and keep a hand free for fetch and treats! Multi-dog leads are available in different materials including rope and nylon.

Flexi/Anti shock Dog Leads


Flexi dog leads help reduce impact on your wrists so if you have an excitable dog that gets easily distracted by squirrels, cats and nearby food, the sudden jerk of movement will be less damaging to your joints.

If your dog is particularly energetic, why not try a hands free dog lead? These wrap around your waist for maximum comfort and minimum risk of injury.


For dogs that like to chew their lead

If your dog likes to gnaw away at its lead, a chain lead might be best. Strong and durable, the chain part is ideal for dogs that attempt to bite their lead while out for walks. And the leather handle gives you a comfortable grip to hold on to.

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