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Senior Staffy Club – Adopting A Staffy Of Your Own

Founder and Trustee of the Senior Staff Club charity, Kate Lee and her team of volunteers, work hard every day to try and find loving homes for the loving dogs under their care, just looking for a second chance at life.

The team – who get calls every day seeing if they can take on more staffies – can only look after around 17 dogs at one time.

With no centre, they must rely on the work of volunteers, donations and the kindness of others to give the dogs everything they need to stay warm, happy and healthy.

Kate set up the charity in 2012 when she noticed a growing trend of older Staffordshire Bull Terriers being left without homes and at risk of being put to sleep. She wanted to give these lovable dogs new homes so that they could enjoy life again.

“If we can get people to stop and look at them, and just say hello, they’ll realise they’re just big softies,” says Kate. “They have wonderful personalities…they will talk to you, they want to be with you, they want cuddles – they are very much people dogs.”

“I think if I could say just one thing, it’s give them a chance.”

A dog of your own

Staffordshire Bull Terriers on grass

The Senior Staffy Club takes on Staffordshire Bull Terriers of around seven years and up and they are from all walks of life.

“They have had a varied past and need a loving home. We assess them fully and see if there are any issues.”

The team at the charity take a good amount of time getting to know their dogs so they’re able to make sure the dogs and any potential new owners are a good match. Each dog has a website profile with all the info, pics and videos you need, and the site also tells you whether each particular dog suits the company of other animals or not.

“Staffies like a lot of attention. They like to be stroked and they like their walks,” says Kate. “Sometimes you have to watch their diets – they’ll eat anything you put in front of them so they can put weight on easily. They’re so cute and they like their home comforts – they’ll happily sit up on the settee if you let them and of course they’ll always give you a warm welcome when you come in through the door.

“The nicest thing is that they talk to you – and you can talk to them. People think, ‘they’re growling at me’ but they just talk to get attention.”

Settling in – the rehoming process

Staffordshire Bull Terrier out on a walk

Once you have found the staffy for you, Kate and her team will always make sure that you and your new furry companion are settling in well together.

“Every senior staffy will have received a health check, be fully vaccinated and microchipped, and be spayed/neutered – unless the vet has advised against it being done due to age or health reasons,” says Kate.

“All of this costs money so we ask for a £90 donation which goes directly to helping other Senior Staffys in our care.

“The new owner will receive a rescue back up for the life of the dog, a post adoption check-up after six months, and contact with a key worker for at least the first two weeks as your chosen dog settles in, so if you have any questions there is someone to help you through those first few weeks.”

If you think you would like to take on one of the charity’s senior staffies – why not get in touch?

Just visit:

Or email:

Or see the lovable staffies waiting for lovable homes here:

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