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About Dilbert The Corgi

An internet sensation, he's spent the past three years capturing the hearts of many – and it's easy to see why.

Smiley, fluffy and relentlessly cute, he loves nothing more than to love, and be loved.

A Cardigan Welsh Corgi, he was one of the most adorable puppies you'll ever see. His owner Sian started collating his photos on Instagram from just eight weeks old, and it wasn't long before he started building up his extensive fan base.

Not long after, Sian posted a Boomerang of Dilbert having his ears wiggled. Almost over night it went viral and today he has more than 7,000 followers – all of them keen to catch a glimpse of his snazzy outfits, adventures round town and chillout sessions on the sofa.

And although Dilbert is a happy, excitable and caring soul, it's true to say he's had his fair share of ups and downs.

At just one year of age, Dilbert was found to have thrombovascular necrosis – an autoimmune condition that was killing his blood vessels.

His treatment saved him – but not without a hefty price tag. Luckily, Dilbert's supporters were right behind him, and Sian managed to raise the money for his operation through crowd funding.

A real trooper, Dilbert strode on with a wag in his tail and wiggle in his butt. He even used his recovery cone to play fetch – what a legend.

And that really does sum up Dilbert: strong willed, a kind soul, a loving heart and never without a smile on his face.

What is the Dilbert Seal of Approval?

Inspired by Dilbert's energy, enthusiasm and general lust for life, we couldn't help but invite him into the Me & My Pets office to find out if our products would meet his high standards.

The good news is – they did! And the ones that he loved the most have been officially stamped with Dilbert’s Seal of Approval – which you’ll see dotted around as you browse the Me & My Pets site.

graphic of dilbert seal of approval

Five minutes with Dilbert...

Keen to know more, we managed to catch five minutes with Dilbert's owner Sian, to get the low down on what makes him so amazingly adorable...

How did you and Dilbert first meet?

I'd just graduated from uni and had moved in on my own so decided I wanted a companion. After going through the Kennel Club to find a breeder, I saw Dilbert's picture and just fell in love with him.

I don't drive so I had to have him delivered to my door by a friend of his breeder who ran a pet transport company. Dilbert was so relaxed. He'd had a lovely trip from Wales and was all sleepy and relaxed.

And what's Dilbert like at home?

He's hilarious. He's just so silly. He's quite nervous of people at first but this can last anything from a few minutes to two seconds.

He wasn't always like that though. He was a bit of a terror when he was a puppy. Corgis are herding dogs so his instinct used to kick in and he'd start nipping at my feet every time I crossed the kitchen floor.

He's always been full of beans though. Positive reinforcement works a lot better than negative, and he's fine now!

Did you need to take him to doggie school?

Yes! We did about six weeks at a local village hall. He just wanted to play with the other dogs though. He'd sit and lay down and then after he'd done it once, he'd just look at me like, "why am I still here!?".

The trainer thought he was naughty so he ended up being put in a room on his own. He was too distracted and wanted to play.

I just think he was misunderstood!

What are Dilbert's favourite treats?

Liver and Bacon Bones, and chicken twists! And his Me & My Pets Squeaky Pig Toy sleeps in his bed – he loves piggy.

He also loves going out into the city too. He loves a coffee shop and he just loves to sit there and say hello to everyone as they come in through the door. It's like he's doing some sort of meet and greet!

dilbert the cardigan welsh corgi licking a pink rubber squeaky pig

What's the secret to Dilbert's soft, fluffy coat?

He's so soft! It's definitely the fish in his diet. There's fish oil and coconut oil in his food and you always notice the difference when he's had some.

Does Dilbert ever get scared?

He hates the hoover – and walking sticks – I have no idea why. But whenever anyone comes near him with a walking stick, it's the worst thing ever. He barks – and growls.

What's Dilbert's snazziest outfit to date?

Definitely his denim jacket!

Oh – and his sunglasses – we can't forget those.

What's Dilbert like with other dogs?

He loves other dogs. When we go to the park and there are no other dogs, he just looks at you with sad eyes.

When he's with them, he likes to wrestle and play chase. And if you can find one who's just as excited as him then you're onto a winner.

He's got one special friend called Aki who's a collie x poodle. They're like little and large, Dilbert waddles underneath him.

Playing with his friends is one of his favourite ways to burn off energy – it's definitely the key to wearing him out!

Is Dilbert scared of the vets?

He loves the vets! He cries until it's his turn to have a fuss.

After his operation, he just wanted to be out and playing again. It was horrible keeping him in. The wound was very fragile. We had a white kitchen at the time and often it would end up looking like a crime scene.

I felt awful making him have it done. But it definitely puts things into perspective. If that was us, we'd be miserable for months but he just wanted to play.

How does Dilbert deal with all the fame and attention?

He loves it. He really loves having his photo taken.

Then, after playtime is over, he loves sofa time. Sometimes he likes to snuggle up and sometimes he just likes to relax on his own – have some quiet time.

What do you think it is about Dilbert that makes him so popular?

His smiley face.

He looks different from other dogs – you can't mistake him for anyone else!

And he just really likes to make people happy. He always makes people smile when they see him and it's so lovely to be able to share that with everyone.

Keep up-to-date with all of Dilbert's exploits and adventures on his Instagram @Dilbertthecorgi and Facebook @Dilbertthecorgi or visit

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