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Top Three Puppy Essentials

Getting a puppy is super exciting but when there's a young dog involved, there's always going to be mischief, accidents and a lot of mess!

The rewards definitely outweigh the teething problems though, and with time, training and lots of positive reinforcement, you'll be well on your way to being the proud owner of a happy, healthy and well-trained dog.

To help make sure your puppy starts life off on the right paw (as well as reduce the amount of little accidents!) make sure you're fully prepared with your top three essential pieces of kit.

Our top three puppy essentials:

1) Toilet training bells


When you first get your puppy, it's most likely that they won't be fully toilet trained. More specifically, they will also need to learn things like when and where they can and can't go in your own home. Puppies can rarely hold their bladders for much longer than an hour so toilet trips are most certainly going to be frequent. Avoid door scratching and whining with these Me & My Pets Toilet Training Bells.

Simply hook them over the door where you normally take your dog out and help them learn that tapping the bell opens the door. Reward correct behaviour consistently and your puppy will learn that by tapping the bells with their paw, this will summon you to take them out into the garden.

Not only do they help avoid mess and more permanent damage to your home, they are a lot easier to hear so you can react more quickly and help get your puppy trained up nice and efficiently.

2) Slow feed dog bowls


Whether you're a human, dog or a tiny, fluffy puppy, food is definitely one of life's big pleasures. Dinner time is exciting and that can mean your dog loves to gobble down their food at the speed of light. Unfortunately though, doing this can leave them with a sore tummy. Help them learn to eat slowly from day one with a Me & My Pets Slow Feed Dog Bowl. The bowl has been specially designed to make it more complicated to eat from, so that they can't swallow too much at once. And getting your dog into good habits from a young age is ideal as it prevents any difficulties farther down the line.

The bowls come in different colours and sizes to suit your dog and you can also get a range of placemats to help keep mess to a minimum.

3) Rear car seat protector


Travelling with your dog in the car is most likely going to be a necessity – especially with all those visits to the vets for jabs and check-ups! Naturally, however, travelling in the car is going to be quite scary for a lot of dogs and car sickness can be a real issue.

There are lots of things that you can do to help your puppy feel relaxed while in the car which we have detailed in our blog about travelling with your dog.

In the mean time, protect your car seats with a Me & My Pets Rear Car Seat Protector. Great for when your puppy has muddy paws or is just a little inexperienced at holding themselves in!

Not only will your car stay clean and dry but there are pockets too for things like leads, collars and chew toys.

Little extras


Puppies and small dogs will also benefit from a dog carrier. These are over-the-shoulder bags designed to keep your dog safe and warm while out and about. The carriers have little gaps at the top so they can see out but they zip up to make sure your new puppy stays nice and secure.

They come in a range of sizes and finishes so you can choose something that suits you and your individual dog.

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