And they call it – PUPPY LOVE!

If you're like us and you adore dogs, then puppies will simply make you squeal with delight. Super sweet and fluffy, they're excitable little bundles of cuteness.

And there's nothing we love more than cuddling them and seeing them learn, grow and develop. And after a long day's exploring and discovering, puppies need somewhere soft and snuggly to rest their silky heads, until it's next time for either play for food – or both!

And if you have puppies or just a tiny little four-legged friend, then give them a dreamily soft bed, to help set them up for a 5-star snooze.

Here are some of the softest, cutest beds around – ideal for your tiny-pawed pooch.


Small Square Snuggle Beds – red or pink and rose



The thick, squashy cushions that form the base of these beautiful beds is perfect for absorbing the impact of a bouncy, boisterous pup! Cleared for landing, puppies get to fall into bed when they've finally run out of energy. The plush inner is extra soft against your puppy's little cheeks and the high walls help them to feel safe and secure while they relax. These beds have quite simply been flying off the shelves - and for good reason too...just £6.95!


Luxury Fleece Dog Shaped Bed

Dog-Shaped-Bed-Me-And-My-PetsA fleecy, warm bed that's ideal for naps, snoozes and big sleeps! The low sides allow for your dog to stretch out and relax in the sunshine. And the extra thick cushion gives them a secure base to rest their head. Bed time is made extra fun by this doggy themed bed which is fun as well as lovable. A second pup that's a second home for your dog, and just £8.95!


Super Soft Round Pink Bed


Pretty in pink, these luxuriously soft Round Pink Beds are thick and plush. The velvety exterior is dreamy to touch, and the inner cushions are plush with a ruffled, dusty pink rose pattern. Simply irresistible, your pup won't want to leave these gorgeous beds which provide instant relaxation and relief from a hard day's playing and cuddling. Range of sizes available. Get yours from just £8.95!


Mint & Pink Floral Print Beds


These round dog beds in mint and pink are delicately soft, and ideal if you want to make sure your dog's bed matches your interiors! Available in a range of sizes, they're perfect for both puppies and dogs. Their feminine finish adds an extra touch of luxury and finesse. The pretty inner cushions are covered in a marshmallow pink and the floral fabric is delicately hemmed with a lace ribbon adornment. Prices start at just £5.95!


Super Soft Donut Bed


Squishy, fluffy, snuggly and super soft, there's a reason these Donut Beds are a best seller! Extra bouncy for tumbling pups, they will protect your dog while keeping them warm and safe while they sleep. Irresistible for siestas, sleeps and snoozes, get them settled in for a naptime they'll never forget, for just £9.95!


Soft Brown Check Pet Cave


If your small dog is slightly nervous, or if you have a worried pup, we understand. These Soft Brown Check Pet Caves are perfect for puppies who need a place to hide away when it all gets too much. The soft hood keeps out distractions from the outside world and helps them feel secure when they close their eyes to sleep. Help your dog relax and get used to new surroundings quickly and easily with these gorgeous, snuggly cave beds for just £13.95!


So, what are you waiting for? Show your puppy some love – every day of the year – with these sumptuously soft beds, perfect for silky ears, tiny paws and little noses.

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