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Charities and fundraising

Senior Staffy Club: Fundraising: Help Give These Loving Dogs A Second Chance At Life

Founder and Trustee of The Senior Staffy Club Kate Lee and her team of volunteers rely solely on the kindness of others to be able to take care of the staffies they care for.

With no centre to call their own, the dogs are kept in boarding kennels and foster homes until they’re adopted.

Of course, not everyone has the means to be able to take on a dog – but you can still help.

“We totally rely on the support of sponsored events and what we can raise ourselves,” says Kate.

Kennel Crusader Scheme

Grey staffy looking sad

“We have a Kennel Crusader scheme where people can sign up and donate £10 a month. In return they get a twice-yearly email newsletter a card.”

The charity also organises sponsored events which have been very successful.

“We’ve done 18 mile walks – without dogs – and a kennel sleep over which was definitely an experience! We didn’t get much sleep!” says Kate.

Kate’s ultimate dream is for the Senior Staffy Club to have its own centre so that they can take care of the dogs in one place and watch their progress as the staffies get stronger each day.

Rescue Success Story

Kate recalls: “We were asked to help a dog in the local Staffordshire pound. They had had him for four months and no one had shown any interest. We went to see him and his eyes just said, ‘help me’.

“He hadn’t been with us long and I remember taking him out for a walk and he just turned and looked at me and there was a light in his eye.

“He stayed with us in the kennels for around two to three months before a foster home in Scotland took him in.

After 10 months I went up there to see him and he had just come on leaps and bounds. He now lives near the beach and has a wonderful life.

“Another dog who came to us was just a bag of bones when he arrived – covered in fleas. And now he’s looking really healthy.

“Just to see them go from that, to finding a home and living a happy, healthy life again is just so rewarding.”

How you can help

Anything you can do to help give these loving dogs happy, healthy lives would be greatly appreciated.

• Become a Kennel Crusader and give £10 a month to the Senior Staffy Club. Email

• Thinking of holding a fundraising event? See our blog for tips and ideas!


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