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Cat Igloos – A Cat’s Favourite Spot To Sleep

If you ever built dens as a kid, you’ll know exactly what cats look for when finding a good spot to snooze.

And although cats use fewer duvets and clothes pegs – not to mention half-eaten Crayons – the premise remains that a warm spot that’s perfect for hiding away in, is the best place to curl up and relax.

What are cat igloos?

Cat igloos are cosy dens, perfect for furry felines who love to hide away. And if you’re tired of opening up your sock drawer only to find your cat has shed its winter coat all over your intimate thermals, then a cat igloo could be just what you’re looking for.

Why cat igloos are the best type of beds

Shhh! – Cat igloos help give your cat some quiet time. With such strong senses, the world can be a very invasive place for a cat. Having some time out away from the world where the Hoover can’t quite get to you is cat heaven.

On patrol – If your cat is new to your home or can be a little unsure about its surroundings, you’ll find they want to scope out the area without being noticed. Cat igloos help them hide away while they crouch and observe.

Ready to pounce – Even though it can be hard to envisage Professor Snuggles as a natural born killer, cats come from a long line of hunters. Giving them somewhere they can hide before they pounce, indulges their instincts – even if it is just for playtime.

Not too hot, not too cold – Unlike humans, cats don’t have the opportunity to throw on a hoodie every time they feel a draught. Having a little roof over their bed helps them stay warm in the winter. And in the summer, it keeps the sun out so they have somewhere they can stay cool too.

Personal space – Cat igloos offer protection from children, dogs and other cats – whenever they need it. Knowing cats, it’s very possible you’ll find yours stuffing itself in there with four other cats as they all clamber in for a group-snooze. But if the time comes when it needs some purrrrsonal space (sorry not sorry) then the option’s there.

A tight squeeze – Cats love small spaces and will easily mould themselves to fit inside all sorts of weird and wonderful places, just to feel safe and secure. Cat igloos do exactly the same and they also help save you from the occasional jump scare as they leap out of various boxes/baskets and handbags.

What are the different types of cat igloo bed?

Cat Igloos vary quite a lot and which one you choose depends on how hidden your cat likes to feel when they’re having some quiet time.

Large igloos – for cats that strut

image of large cat igloo bed in brown

If you have a confident kitty that’s relaxed around the home, a large cat igloo is the one for you. Ideal for taller tabbies and fuller felines, these Igloos allow cats to stand up and curve their backs before they settle in for a snooze. Made from luxurious fabrics, they’re dreamily soft and have a supportive back for cats to snuggle up to.

Fleece igloos – for cats that stretch

If your cat likes to stretch out while they hideaway, fleece igloos are more tunnel-like, allowing for a longer pose during nap time. The little soft step at the edge of the bed supports your cat’s head and acts like a pillow as they sleep – also great for chin scratches. The fleecy material is great for keeping cats warm and is also super soft on their little paws.

Square igloos – for cats that curl up

Square igloo beds give cats room to curl up and round their bodies as they peek out from the furthest point. The small entrance keeps the Igloo nice and dark – perfect for bed time – and the plush interior cushion is great for snuggling into. The handle on top also makes this bed easy to manoeuvre and the extra room means this bed is ideal for larger, fluffier cats.

Cave and pouch beds – for cats that hide


Cave beds and pouch beds are the ultimate in safe spots. Give your cat the security it needs with a bed that’s super safe and snuggly. Cats that like to have fun Cat Igloos can be playful and fun. Why not choose something a bit different for your feline friend such as shark bed, cosy house bed or one with a fluffy trim?

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